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Pantasya -- tito joe naAdik sa puke ko - pinoy sex stories

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And the mustard. And the shower gel. And then the three full ashtrays. And then well, you can imagine. Everything we could find in the house ended up on the pile until Ben was no longer there - just an amorphous mound of gelatinous goo.

When we were done, he looked like Pizza the Huttonly vastly less appetizing.

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We were watching a movie when we suddenly sensed a presence behind us - we turned, and as one, yelped in pure terror: There, before us, stood a zombified Ben, still covered head-to-toe in caked-on red gunk, holding his hands out in horror like Jesus showing his wounds to Thomas the Apostle.

He was, naturally, livid. He said not a word after his shower, silently glowering in a towel as he waited for his clothes to wash.

When sex becomes nasty, filthy, & oh-so-horny. FetishDirty Filthy Fucking. Dirty Filthy Fucking by theprince Tags For This Story. armpit - piss - cunt - spit - dirty talk - nasty filthy - cum - asshole - slut - puke; Report a Bug. Olivia secretly enjoys vomiting with her loving boyfriend. Olivia's actions catch up to her. Lexi shits herself on her ride home from work. Shit and puke fucking in car. Picking up from part 1. My first bulimic girlfriend. and other exciting erotic at! A Masters Saturday morning routine with his slave Lucie. Olivia secretly enjoys vomiting with her loving boyfriend. Olivia's actions catch up to her. Lexi shits herself on her ride home from work. Shit and puke fucking in car. and other exciting erotic at!

The room was still unbearably quiet two hours later as he put on his finally-dry T-shirt and jeans. It was only when he pulled these boots on and a horribly familiar red goop spurted majestically up his pants leg almost to his groin that we remembered we had, in fact, also filled both his boots at least six inches deep with ketchup.

We scattered to the four winds. But it was a valuable lesson: Sometimes, there are worse messes to clear up than booze-puke. I was once a competitive water polo player, and during the off-season, my team was required to join both a club water polo team and the swim team.

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The swim team also happened to be highly competitive - they were consistently Division I champions - and the workouts were no joke. One day, we were challenged with the so-called Gatorade set: We had five-ish minutes to sprint meters and chug an entire Gatorade, and we had to continue this series until we inevitably threw up. Many of us managed to chug at least four or five Gatorades before yacking, and as you can imagine, this resulted in what can only be explained as a rainbow puke party - v omit of every color soared in every direction.

I happened to be chugging red Gatorades, which meant I eventually launched nearly one whole gallon of purely red throw up into the nearest bin.

The whole thing was absolute madness. Getting food poisoning is one of them. For the next several hours, we spent a lot of time in the bathroom, me holding her hair out of her face and her getting ill.

She still jokes that she knew I was the one that night. Next year is our 13th wedding anniversary. InI moved to L. It was near Christmas, and first, my sister took me as her work party plus one to Buca di Beppo for dinner, where we loaded up on free fettuccine as the necessary blotter before what we knew would be a night of serious drinking.

Sex Stories, Erotic Novels A - Z; My Teacher is a human toilet. Jason Fraser chewed his pencil nervously at the front of his school class, trying to concentrate. As usual, he was getting distracted by Mrs. Norman's dressing. He could hardly hear any of the Math theories she was talking about. His eyes were completely and totally focused on. Top Rated Sex Stories - Last 30 Days. The girl with the blond ponytail by batonag ĞLife is boring, at least for our main character, Daniel. With his ability to read . Jan 01,   Try to Get Through Our Best Vomit Stories Without Losing Lunch Yourself. If I couldn't have sex with him, I reasoned, a close second would be letting him shoot opiates into my basilic vein. They call it "chasing the dragon" - the never-ending pursuit of reliving your first hit. My dragon, however, promptly projectile-vomited all.

Derek wanted to go to the famed gay bar The Abbey, and once inside, we danced, slammed down apple martinis shudder and even ran into Carson from Queer Eyewho asked me if the dress was vintage Dolce. The next thing I knew I was spewing out the window as she hightailed it from West Hollywood back to our Westside apartment. My own puke stories are pretty run-of-the-mill.

Fetish vomit stories

A little flu here, some alcohol poisoning there, you get the idea. Then, of course, there was the day I hired strangers to make me chug a ton of Smirnoff Icewhich had me spewing pretty good. But no, the most incredible barf-related thing I ever witnessed involves my dad and my sister. She was maybe 4 years old at the time of this incident, which unfolded on a night we had dinner at the home of a family friend. Toward the end of the evening, as we milled around in the living room, getting ready to leave, Isabel looked tired and pale or paler than usual, I meanthough not especially queasy.

It happened in less than a second.

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He hustled off to the bathroom to dispose of it, not spilling a drop. To this day, I believe he belongs in the Fatherhood Hall of Fame for this act alone. I will never go back to Fat Slice in Berkeley, California. But I do thank the sketch college-town pizzeria for the one, incredible silver lining that revealed itself after I got easily the worst food poisoning of my life my freshman year at Cal.

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More on that in a sec. What I remember from the beginning of what turned into a hellish three days was groggily waking up in my fourth-floor Ida Sproul dorm room, opening the window to the quad below, and immediately throwing up.

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What happened next was 72 hours of cold sweats, deluges from every orifice and a five-alarm pain that rendered me completely helpless. But back to that silver lining: Ida Sproul was a dorm with co-ed floors, which meant that if you wanted to take a shit, you might be sharing the crapper with the hot girl a couple of doors down.

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That is, until this happened, and I was forced to abandon my phobia and become extremely comfortable taking a dump in public bathrooms. And for that, Fat Slice, I am eternally grateful. I was diagnosed by a physician in high school with having a weak-ass stomach. Some proof: As a wrestler in high school, I threw up after wind sprints every practice. Now, because I have a weak-ass stomach, I have more than enough stories to add to this potpourri of puke, but one in particular is definitely worth adding to the pile.

I find one named Meghan via the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel. Midway through the date, I go in for a kiss, and luckily, she kisses me back. She even goes on to invite me to her place. I hand the bartender my credit card and go to take the final swig of my first and only beer.

Now, everything slows down. I keep drinking water and swallowing bar nuts, hoping the salt will absorb whatever is fucking up my stomach, but nothing. Normally when I have to throw up at a party or in a social environment, I wait for a break in the conversation, a low moment during which I ask to be excused to take a piss.

But Meghan is talking a mile a minute.

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So basically, I just say fuck it. The scissors were drawn out and the rain of black silky soft hair had started falling on the floor, but this time the hair was being cut so short that only clippings used to come and they would stick on Priya's smooth ass and panties.

One of the men noticed this and said, "Look who is more excited in getting punished! Finally after gulping down his cum for what seemed like a full minute, the guy pulled away and Lola shuddered and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Guys were jerking off as they waited their turns, and were lining up just to stick their cocks down her throat and shoot cum into her.

Lola reached down and frantically stroked her throbbing clit, and the guy pushed his cock inside her.

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The guy, who was still pounding away, grd her bulging stomach forcefully, which made another wave of vomit gush out of her. Finally, after what felt like ten minutes of uncontrollable, disgusting vomiting, she gd for air, and her belly was back to a somewhat normal size.

I could feel my hot throbbing tongue slide deep inside her asshole. That made her laugh and she frigged her cunt hard, making the piss fly all over us. I could feel her grinding her pissing cunt into my face as the orgasm swept her body. I grabbed her head and shoved my hard cock deep inside her throat. I pulled my cock out and Jenna's piss filled ass spewed it out all over. I slapped her piss spewing ass and rammed my cock into her cunt. Shove it in harder asshole; fuck me so hard that I piss.

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I squirted thick creamy cum deep inside her cunt as our bodies writhed and spasmed from the orgasm. So while we're waiting for it to happen you should say some stuff like 'oh I don't feel so good' or 'I feel really car sick'.

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I feel pretty nauseous. Christie pressed her hand to her pink lips, and for a moment, I thought she was going to be sick, ten minutes early. Christie nodded, and wait for the next wave, she managed to look at the camera and say, "Oh gosh, I sure was carsick. Dave got a towel out of the trunk and Christie wiped her puke off herself. She had just finished off another customer, getting him off with a triple fork-finger backwards lindy hand job a rare and sometimes dangerous maneuverand had again swallowed down every drop of his ejaculate.

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A few more customers came in for their twenty dollar hand jobs, and Nancy served them as best she could. I don't mind giving out hand jobs for twenty dollars, but I don't like really having sex with them.

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Between the food and the fucking Michael could feel his skin stretching as the parasites grew inside of him. Michael could feel that the parasites were still firmly attached to his insides. Finally, with one great ejaculation into Angela's mouth Michael's body reached its' peak.

Puke sex stories

Moving as best he could Michael paced hoping the motion would help the parasites let go. Michael rested a few hours before he felt like he was able to make the journey home.

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Downing the fluid Michael smiled knowing that Angela was going to just be realizing that her hot body was going to be stretched out. She wanted it to feel natural, like she was getting sick all on her own. If I stuffed myself this much, I don't want to waste all this discomfort on throwing up half a glass of water.

apologise, but

I already feel awful, I at least want to get really sick, like those girls in your videos. I kept thrusting to make her regurgitate the rest of it, and after a few more moments, she tensed and her stomach clenched, and she forced up another wave of warm, clear water.

The girl screamed and a squirt of fluid came out of her pussy landing on Alessio's face and shirt.

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