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Teens Share Their Prom Horror Stories

Prom Night Sex. Stand up straight so I can see you" he said, backing away. I stood, my pale skin shining, my red curls cascading down my breast, my bare pussy glistening with juices. Prom Night Sex Prom night. At last! She had been dreaming of this night since she was 10, but tonight was going to be about more than pretty dresses and dancing. Ella and her boyfriend Landon had agreed that tonight would be the night that they did it.

Meanwhile, a survey completed by Seventeen magazine and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that roughly 14 percent of teen girls have sex on prom night.

She was forced to stay home from school to watch us kids so she never was employed in a career so my first thought was, "how are we going to afford our house?

I dropped my book bag off in my room and changed out of my clothes and into my bathing suit. I grabbed a towel from the closet and headed down stairs to the back yard.

I slid open the screen door and gingerly put my foot on the hot pavement that surrounded our figure eight pool. I dropped my towel off on a lawn chair and picked up a bottle of sun tan lotion. I began to apply it when my mother slid the door open and joined me. I glanced over as she removed the soft fabric concealing her body from view. She let it slide down by her feet, revealing a black two piece swimsuit. She pushed her sunglasses on the top of her head, holding up her bangs as I began examining the bathing suit I have never seen her wear before.

I snapped out of my trance and obliged as she turned around and lifted her hair. I squirted the lotion onto my palm and began evenly spreading it on her soft back.


I continued rubbing even after the lotion was worked into the skin, feeling how soft and nice her skin was. She still had her back toward me when I glanced down and noticed my rather large penis making a tent in my suit. I quickly grabbed a towel and covered it as she stood up and looked at me. I quickly got up and flung myself into the pool before she could tell I had an erection.

She jumped in after me and began swimming around the pool. I soon was well cooled so I exited, making sure my penis was not hard, and then walked over to the chair where my towel was. My mom looked around and noticed I had left and exited as well. She slowly lifted herself up the ladder and revealed her very wet bathing suit that was now sticking to her skin.

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I glanced up and saw her suit top was hugged so tight to her breasts her nipples were making small mounds in the middle. Mind putting some more on my back? She laid her towel on the ground like a blanket then laid faces down, on top of it. My hands shook as I finished her shoulders and began to move down to the upper part of her back.

'prom night' stories

She reached an arm back and grabbed at the knot that held her swimsuit top up. With one pull, the ends of the straps slid down her back and out of the way, allowing full access to continue rubbing the lotion. My cock throbbed, begging me to pull it out but my mind screamed back saying, "This is your mother, stop now! The self-loathing, which was inevitably building from the moment I began rubbing, washed away.

I rubbed on, making sure to get every square inch of her upper back before I moved on to her lower. My hands began shaking, more violently than before, as they reached the arch of her back. I continued down an inch or so, my hands just barley grazed the top of her rump. My mind was racing; if I went any lower my hands would rub the top of her ass. I was confused so I didn't move any lower until she pointed at the spot she wanted me to rub.

I slowly moved were her finger was pointing, making my hands slightly lower her suit an inch, revealing the upper part of her crack. I began getting scared as I glanced back at her lying there and began to notice how much my cock was throbbing. My mind lost control again, allowing my penis to take the reins.

Mom-Prom by litdude23john When my mind got to the part of the story where I found her asleep, for third time, a question crept into my mind. but in reality it was because I was deep in the process of imagining a sex scene between us. But did she know this? Why would she think the dream could have been good, unless she knew? And I really want to have sex again. It's been too long." It really had been. From the first time she had sex, she had loved it. As a result she'd become very active, almost wanting sex every single day. Ever since her break-up she hadn't wanted to date anyone for a while, though her sex drive had tried to get her to at least get someone to fuck. A young couple spends their first night together. Sadie intervenes as trouble comes looking for Garrett. Sadie always plays to win, even Truth or Dare. Sadie's prom night begins with several unexpected detours. and other exciting erotic at!

With one swing of my leg I was sitting on her rump, her in-between my legs and rubbing all up and down her back. I began slowly caressing the top of her shoulders but slowly and surely I had moved back down to the arch of her back. I stopped abruptly; this was the first time since I swung my leg over her that my mind was in control of my body. I looked down, examining my environment; my bathing suit had conformed around my cock making it look like I was completely naked and it also was resting in-between her checks with my body weight forcing it down in-between them.

How could this be, dose she realize what is going on? I got up and looked down at her, she said nothing. She was completely asleep and with this realization that she couldn't have known my cock was pushed up against her ass, waves and waves of relief flooded over me.

I didn't want to wake her with my cock so easily visible so I walked back into the house and took a nice cold shower.

Doing it on the Sofa ????

I toweled off and got changed before I joined my mother for dinner. I grabbed plates, forks, and napkins then began setting the table as she dished out the food.

It was prom season and although my prom had been a bust for the most part, I had bigger plans for hers. I rented a hotel room and prom was going to be the first time we would spend the night together. As the night grew closer, it was all I could think about. Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? submit them to us! Oct 16,   A modern fairy tale. Sexual awakening of Cindy. Stood up at prom, guy hitches ride-with Jennifer Aniston. A trashy vampire serial. (Prom night continued) A trashy vampire serial. A trashy vampire serial. "Continuing Education" with new tricks and a new friend. and other exciting erotic at! Former nerd takes former nerd beauty to prom. Prom night for my daughter during self-isolation. A quiet nerd checks off some more firsts on prom night. She becomes the damsel in distress. He takes my little sister and they succumb to peer pressure. and other exciting erotic at!

The morning of the bloody prom. And if he played his cards right he would have got what he wanted. And I think Silvia has missed out as well.

There was a pause then she continued. Or let me take you somewhere to see if we can find that cute smile of yours? We drove for another 10 minutes and ended up across town at a set of apartments. There were 4 in the block. She parked on the side of the street. I climbed out and followed her. She opened the door and ran up the stairs with me following like a shadow behind her. We walked inside. Her walls were covered in art.

Mostly it was painted by her but there were others as well. What did you hope would happen tonight? She put her empty bottle on the counter. I skulled the rest of my beer which was already making me feel woozy as I had never drank alcohol before. Then I reached out and grabbed the hand she held out to me. She leaned in to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I put my hands around her waist. I could feel her face nuzzle into my neck and ear sending waves of pleasure throughout my body.

Her words seemed to release an inner fire in her. She started to kiss my face and lips. I just went with it.

Love Sex Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. Stand up straight so I can see you HOME; ABOUT; SEARCH STORIES Prom Night Sex. Juicy8Ginger August 21, | Views. Stand up straight so I can see you" he said, backing away. Prom Night Sex Prom night. At last! She had been dreaming of this night since she was 10, but tonight was going to. My Prom Date with the Neighbor The only thing I am bummed out about is that I have never had a girlfriend or sex. It's prom time at school, I did not care if I went or not. There wasn't anyone at school that I wanted to ask so I figured that I would just hang out on that night. Literotica is a trademark. No part may be reproduced in any. First Time Sex Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. I closed in on her woman parts. I could smell her. Prom night with Miss Boyd. Mr Juicy May 06, | Views. Contest Entry. I closed in on her woman parts. I could smell her. I had never smelt a woman before and the scent drove me wild. It was prom night. I was all excited because.

Her lips found mine once again and her tongue darted in and out of my mouth. Her hands had moved from my hips and were roaming around my ass. With this she dropped to her knees, undid my belt and trousers. My hard cock sprung out. My pants were around my ankles and my hands were on my head as she took my cock in her mouth for the first time.

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She looked up at me as she continued to suck. She licked at it then bent her head under and sucked and licked my balls, pulling my shaft as she did. I fumbled at the buttons of her shirt and slid it off her shoulders. I moved around the back and undid her skirt. But when it fell to the floor I gd. Her ass glowed in the light. No panties. I reached up and undid her bra off first go - more by good luck than anything.

I came back around the front to see her huge breasts hanging in the light. Within seconds I was naked. I crawled up between her legs. Once again nerves ran through me as I had no idea what I was going to do. I closed in on her woman parts. I could smell her. I had never smelt a woman before and the scent drove me wild.

I started to kiss and lick at her entry point, fast and furiously. She grabbed my head. Her hands held my head in place where she needed and wanted me. I licked slowly and purposefully. She started to move her hips and grind into my face just lightly but enough for me to start to follow her movements. Together we gradually increased our pace and strength. Myohhh yes Trent keep it just like that, just like that.

not pleasant

I will give you an aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Her body moved in an uncontrolled motion her hands jamming my head so I could only lick one spot as she continued to buck into my face. I licked until it seemed she had finished. B-plus I think for that. Her voice had changed, it was deep and full of want. I really do. They are always ready. Her pussy slid over my dick as a sock would a foot.

She sat there for a while. It was warm soft and incredible. I had never felt something so amazing before. My body was telling me to move, fuck and pump. She rode me with pleasure in every move. She moved my hair from my face and I felt her pussy muscles tighten and saw the strain on her face release as her juice dripped down over my balls. The longer we went the harder she pounded her hole on my dick. Hard, fast and incredible. Then she sat up. I think this is the best lesson I have ever been taught.

I promise I will remember. This is called doggie. I'm the biggest loser on the planet! He was taken aback by the intensity of her rage.

She remained on the couch, her arm still around him. What she did is fucked up, but you can't blame yourself for that. And you're not a dorky nerd, either. I'm sure she's told her friends and God knows who else everything I told her I'm eighteen and still a virgin!

And I wasn't saving myself! I just can't get a girl to be with. And even Jen managed to hold off on the sex for those three months, though I now understand why. God, I can never show my face again around school!

realize, told

And I sure as hell am not going to the prom. Then an odd grin appeared on her face. Show off with a really hot girl, one who's willing to show copious amounts of PDA. And within a week, no less. You could take me to the prom. You're my sister!

And nobody you know has ever seen me, not even To her, it wasn't.

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He was her baby brother and she'd do anything to help him. It probably still fits. She hadn't gained anything around the waist, but her bra size had definitely gone up.

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She tried to remember if the dress had been snug on top during her prom, but she couldn't quite remember. You just stay here, okay? It didn't take her long to find the dress, but looking at it critically and looking down, she was doubting if her boobs would fit in there. She shrugged to herself, and began to undress. She admired herself in the mirror, clad in only her thong, before she picked up the dress and looked at it once more. It looked like it hadn't been too snug back then, but she wasn't quite sure if her boobs, after the growth spurt she had around the time she turned twenty, were going to fit.

will not prompt

It was definitely going to be tight, but all the guys at the prom would be insanely jealous of him if she managed it. Brianna remembered that she couldn't put on the dress by herself properly, that she needed someone to close it at the back.

When she had been getting ready for her own prom, her mom and one of her girlfriends had helped her, but neither were here. She shrugged to herself once more, put the dress against her front and walked back toward the living room, deciding her brother could help her with that. Well, it couldn't be helped. Besides, he was her brother; this shouldn't be such a big deal.

It took him a few tries, his fingers once slipping off of the zipper to lightly smack against her ass, but he managed to zip up the bottom part without difficulty. She turned slightly toward him, smiling. Well, the bottom part at least. These," she lightly shook her boobs as she clutched the dress against them, "are a bit bigger than they were when I went to my prom.

Why the hell had she emphasized her bigger boobs by bouncing them? Just like a bra. At first when she had stood before him, he hadn't known what to do or how to react.

Her entire back was bare to him, except for the thong she'd been wearing. Deciding that getting his sister decent was probably the best way to deal with the uncomfortable sight before him, he had fumbled with the zipper. He'd blushed profusely when his fingers had slipped off of the zipper when the item had suddenly stopped moving, causing the back of his hand to hit her on the ass.

But as she had turned a little and informed him her chest was bigger than it was some eight years ago, especially as she had shaken them up and down a bit, that had really gotten him speechless. And now he also became quite a bit nervous, knowing he'd have to hook four straps 'just like a bra.

Just two hooks that'll interlock. His eyes took in the smooth, silky skin of her back. And no tan lines anywhere, he noticed.

Prom sex stories

He shook himself, suddenly realizing she was his sister. He looked for the straps she had mentioned, saw only one and his hand moved forward to grab it.

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Then he hesitated. Except for the straps, the dress would leave her back completely bare. More importantly, the sides of the dress where the straps were located, were not very close to her back.

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