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For prison sex music have hit

TOOL - Prison Sex

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TOOL - ?nema (Audio)

Choice is gone, your sex or sexual deviancy is your prison. Flag christco on September 28, Flag paiva on August 15, Absolutely nothing to do with actual prisons as physical, geographic, architectural places.

Absolutely everything to do with being imprisoned in cycles of sexual molestation and abuse.

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They've got a dozen real faults sicker than any one you can dream up; if we stoop to fighting them on the basis of made-up 'facts' they have the home-court advantage. By all means tear into the bastards, but you need to fight them with logic and sanity or you've already lost the battle.

Flag janeaparis1 on February 04, Could not have said it better myself!

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Then I actually tell them to look into the lyrics a bit more deeply I have only found a few people who were smart enough to pick up on the true meaning. It makes me sad. Flag Evilass on April 10, That's certainly an interesting take on the song. Not sure if I agree though.

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Does every Tool song need to have some deep philosophical meaning? I believe it might very well be possible that this song is indeed about getting ass-raped in the joint.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And sometimes a big guy named Bubba will shove that cigar right into your ass, as you will then do to the next poor bloke who walks through those prison doors. Flag Lipstiff on May 18, General Comment Okay, I guess the way I see this song is a lot simpler. To me it seems like Maynard is talking about a child who was sexually abused and then growing up and abusing their child in the same way because its all that they really knew of childhood and growing up.

For me, seeing the video really made all of this come together, but that's just my interpretation, so who knows what Maynard was really thinking about this song.

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Quite a good interpretation. It does make sense: "i'm forced right open" This would refer to when he not necessarily Maynard was abused as a child. Wow drfunk, what an insightful comment. Sometimes, some things are better left unsaid. In your case, all things are better left unsaid.

You truly are a hurting faggot.

Cheers, douche. Fact: the song is about Maynard's experiance of sexual abuse as a child. The song was one form for him to heal from that trauma. Some of their other songs also explore the topic to a degree.

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Flag kelstar82 on October 01, General Comment The meaning of the song is pretty simple, which makes it all the more horrify. Someone has been raped, and the only way they can find catharsis, the only way they can cope with the trauma, is by raping themselves.

Prison sex music

Considering this is how the cycle of abuse actually works it's pretty heavy. General Comment Maynard said in one of the rare interviews he did that it's about how he was raped as a child. End of story.

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Cold and Ugly. General Comment Any and all songs, especially by TOOL, can be interpreted in infinite ways based solely on the listener. Taking the first few lines of this song: "It took so long to remember just what happened I was so young and vestal then You know it hurt me But I'm breathing so I guess I'm still alive" This opening could draw parallels to the popular Christian practice of Baptism where an infant in bathed with "holy water" to symbolize purification and admission to the Christian Church when they have no say in the matter.

Many people think "Prison Sex" by Tool is about just that: rape while in prison. The actual message is much more disturbing. It's about a child who is molested and grows up to himself become a child molester. The prison in the title is the cycle suffering that is .

The lyrics: "I've got my hands bound My head down, my eyes closed And my throat wide open" This is a prime example of parallelism between the church and the message trying to be portrayed here.

The imagery of these few lines is a perfect picture of someone praying.

Prison Sex

Look at all the lyrics of this incredible song and find the religious meaning yourself, it doesn't take much of a stretch of the imagination to do so. Once these parallels are made the entire meaning of the song changes from a child that is forced into performing sexual acts to a child that is forced into a life of religious servitude that has been passed down from generations before.

The song starts in the point of view of the newly indoctrinated child to the point of view of presumably that same child, grown and passing their values onto the next generation with this vicious cycle repeating over and over again. This is seen in the lyrics "my hands bound Just my interpretation of this tune.

Watch Prison Sex porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Prison Sex scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own. Jimmy being a very personal story, the announcement of it as a 'Sequel" to Prison Sex is kind of shocking. That gives it a light of being a personal story, just by that strong association. H is a sister piece to Prison sex, its about him struggling with the abuse he grew up with, in 4/5(10). Prison Sex Lyrics: It took so long to remember just what happened / I was so young and vestal then / You know it hurt me / But I'm breathing so I guess I'm still alive / Even if signs seem to tell me.

Its one of my favorites and would love to know what people think! Lateralus24 I like this interpretation Flag Greeny on March 31, General Comment Any ideas on what sort of metaphor could be taken from "only this one holy medium brings me peace of mind"? Makoe music is his medium Flag wolfecrew22 on April 26, Makoe more so what he feels is justice Flag wolfecrew22 on April 26, General Comment Also, he states in one interview how it is also about the cucle of abuse, the cts of the constantly vitimized, and the about the thought of the perpetrator.

In another interview, he states how all you people who feel the need to post your own meanings and ideas are bullshit people. The band makes music so you can think about it and analyze it by yourself. They dont even put the lyrics on the album because they aim for you to listen to the music with the creative side of your brain, to express yourself, to build upon yourself.

When simply reading his message instead of individually gaining your own understanduing, you do not gain the ability to expand for yourself.

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Their goal is to create spiritual music that helps people, not bullshit rumors and illogical ideas to misconstrew other people's individual beliefs of the messages directed towards them and only them which they discover in the music. However, the autobiographical nature of this song is purely speculative.

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Keenen offered a more concrete explanation before a live performance in Montreal on November 26,when the Tool frontman said the song is about recognizing cycles of abuse in oneself.

After recognizing the cycle, the next step is working through it, "But, this song is about the first step in the process, which is recognizing. When discussing the release of "Prison Sex" as a single, drummer Danny Carey had this to say: "It will annoy a lot of people This song is definitely about abuse, but not only from the perspective of the victim.

Throughout the piece the lyrics change from the frightening realization of what is happening to the individual to the insatiable appetite to force the same on another.

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It is about the cyclical nature of abuse and the reason that certain learned behaviors are perpetuated. According to Tool guitarist Adam Jones in Revolver Magazine Presents Tool"Contractually, the record label was supposed to talk to us about any sort of publicity stunt they pulled on our behalf, especially with us paying for part of it.

But without telling us, they made little kid T-shirts for the single 'Prison Sex' with our Tool wrench logo on there, which is actually a phallic symbol.

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So the label was going to send the shirt to all the radio stations because Nirvana did that with one of their songs. And we're going, 'Well, first off, you didn't even talk to us about this.

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