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Virgos like you make patient and attentive lovers. This might be frustrating for someone just looking for a quickie, but your overall focus on their preferences and almost scientific knowledge of their pleasure spots makes Virgos sought-after lovers. The trick is letting yourself go enough to enjoy yourself in turn - not everything has to be neat and perfect. Remember, sometimes sex is more fun when it's new and spontaneous! Look out for this hot number!


Virgos seek stability and security. To catch Virgo, a potential lover must prove that there are no surprises. Virgo is an organized, practical but highly critical person.

Compatibility of Virgo and Pisces is simply outstanding, when it comes to sexual desire. The chemistry between these two heavenly signs is simply awesome. The romantic fantasies of Pisces always keeps the flame of desire burning between the two. Similarly, Virgo's approach of theorizing sex, intrigues Pisces in more than one way. Dec 02,   Virgo and Libra Libra's attractive exterior will draw you in, if for no other reason than how difficult it is for you to find fault with it. Libra, whether male . Virgo is usually very shy and reserved, while Pisces is afraid of close physical connection with another person. However, their sexual attraction is extremely strong and if they manage to set themselves free from any shame and fear, they can enjoy a satisfying sex life. Virgo and Pisces Marriage Compatibility.

This star sign likes their analytical skills challenged. They are gentle and shy but have a lot of pride and ambition. To attract a Virgo, display confidence and conservatism.

Flashy clothes and flirtation doesn't work on this intelligent star sign.

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Be well read and initiate conversation about relevant matters. Display a practical side and don't be overemotional. Pisces is ungawitourism.comedictable, magical and fun.

They often need personal space to recharge. As the zodiac's most sensitive sign, they are alluring, creative and talented. They fantasize about people, places and romance.

Pisces Sex

You and the talkative sign of Gemini have a natural affinity for one another. This comes from the fact that you share the planet Mercury as your sign ruler.

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Gemini is the daytime side of Mercury - all talk, trick, smoke and mirrors. You, on the other hand, manifest the nighttime energy of this hard-to-pin-down planet.

You process everything that comes in through your senses and try to put it into a category and develop a way of seeing the order and organization in everything.

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This could become obvious before you even get to bed, but having sex with Gemini will confirm your suspicions. When you finally get to the nonverbal portion of your time together, this can be a very satisfying connection. Gemini will also try to do everything possible to give you some pleasure. You might have to remind yourself, though, to use your words when it comes to letting this partner know what you want.

Looking for more love insight? The two of you are all about taking care of other people and being of service to those in need.

The difference between you is that while you tend to tell people how to do things better for their own good, Cancer dives right in there and does it for the person in need of care. This, of course, could manifest as marvelous action in bed! Friction of the unpleasant variety may spark between the two of you if you get stuck in a loop of being unwilling to receive!

Cancer will know what you want, and do everything possible to please you In a long-term relationship, the two of you could get worn out trying to outdo one another at the art of giving pleasure.

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For a quick liaison, this could be a fantastic thing! Despite what you might have thought your whole life, it can be just as much fun to receive as it is to give.

Pisces virgo sex

This flashy, dashing, and very sexy partner will catch your eye without even trying. Like a big teddy bear, Leo will melt into your arms and lap up all the love you have to give. Although Leo can be a demanding and domineering talker outside of the bedroom, in bed this generous soul is very giving.

Pisces & Virgo lovers often ensure that you both give into the best relationship ever. A little intimacy and sexual intercourse could give your relationship trust a boost. A little intimacy and sexual intercourse could give your relationship trust a Betty Crawford. Jun 10,   Pisces can often be in fantasy land, when it comes to sex or anything else in their lives, and Virgo will help them get back in touch with their body." 4. They should masturbate in the bath Since Author: Laken Howard. Apr 01,   Pisces man, Virgo woman: Sexual compatibility A Pisces man and Virgo woman do very well in the bedroom together. There is a high degree of sexual chemistry between them, and they have an intuitive understanding of what each other needs. A Pisces man will be gentle and tender, which will help a Virgo woman get past her Cynthia Thinnes.

It might be a matter of pride for Leo to see just how many times you can be taken to the outer reaches of Nirvana! Meeting another Virgo can be quite rewarding for you both!

Virgo and Pisces Emotional Compatibility

Not only will you have similar manners, tastes, and ideas, the sexual attraction will be very mutual. In bed, the two of you will automatically know where those hot buttons are.

This is, obviously, a pretty good match for a long-term relationship. In fact, if there is such a thing, the two of you could get too comfortable together. Try not to let your love affair get into a rut. Add variety by going on little getaways, and try not to spend every minute of the day together!

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Being away for a little while will give you both a chance to see why you should appreciate one another so much. The karmic lesson another Virgo will teach you is that it really is possible to find someone as kind, thoughtful, and nearly perfect as you are.

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Discover your inner desires now. Libra, whether male or female, is almost always beautiful in some way or other. The intangible magic that Pisces adds to the act of sex, leaves Virgo wanting for more!

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The adventurous and fun loving nature of the Pisces partner completely unwinds the Virgo and makes sex an enjoyable affair for both of them. A Virgo woman and a Pisces man can be in an extremely fulfilling relationship. The Virgo woman is extremely pampered by her Pisces partner and is often left wondering what to expect next.

The Pisces man appreciates the practical viewpoint of his woman to analyze things rationally. This match brings a perfect balance to the relationship. If however, the Pisces man goes overboard with his dreaminess, he is likely to be dumped by his straight forward and brutally practical Virgo partner.

The differences between these two zodiac signs become more pronounced, when the woman is Pisces and the man, Virgo. Virgo man is least likely to understand the emotional requirements of his sentimental partner, which will hurt her often.

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Pisces woman might come to a conclusion that her partner will never be able to satisfy her emotionally. The inability of Virgo man to express his feelings towards his spouse will make her dubious about his love for her. Unfortunately, this relationship is less likely to work, in the long run.

Compatibility between Virgo and Pisces is ungawitourism.comedictable and difficult to comprehend. While they do complement each other very well, the evident differences between their characteristics may cause some clashes.

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Pisces brings a depth of emotion to the act of sex like Virgo has never seen. Pisces teaches Virgo how such emotions can make the physical act of sex far more powerful. Open acceptance and empathy intensify Pisces and Virgo compatibility. When in bed together, all blinders are off. Sex can be healing, too. Pisces strongly believes that just about any remedy can be cured by making love, if done with the commitment to the partner's well-being, not to say salvation. Yes, sex with Pisces can be deeply satisfying, although not always to Pisces, if the . Pisces brings intense and erotic sexual fantasies to the relationship. They are good at sex and role play which allows them to escape into their fantasy world. Virgos will need to pile on the romantic whisperings and leave analysis and criticism outside the bedroom door.

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