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Apologise, pissy girl peing interesting. Prompt

Will These Friends Survive This 'Pissy' Tattoo? ?? - How Far Is Tattoo Far? - MTV

It is very common to wonder "Where does a girl pee from? The internal structure of the urinary tract is very similar for men and women, meaning you only have to know a few basics to understand where women pee from. Just like men, women pee out of their urethra. The difference is that men have a single opening at the very tip of the penis where they pee out of and ejaculate from. Women, on the other hand, have a separate orifice. In women, the urethral hole is between the vaginal opening and clitoris.

Can I come out? Who is the strongest? Blossom festival Birthdayflowers I love her, she loves me Hello everybody. Oh my sweet-ness! She was SOOO good to me today NO stinky and no pee pee This was a drawing K and I did years ago when we were reconnecting and coming close again after an argument. Edit done today for fuggers GayFabulous challenge!! What kind of animal are you?

What's grosser than gross? Do you poop in the woods? What's your phobia? Have you ever stuck a foreign object up your nose? Its usebothsides with "Kitty Cuffs", and remember, don't lose the key She seem to have trouble to pee and did run back and forth to her litterboxes we have one of them on each floor in the bathrooms.

It came suddenly and we are worried of course. She seem to be a bit better since yesterday evening, but she doesn't eat or drink. She sleep all the time but purr a lot when we talk to her or cuddle her. I have tried to give her waterdrops in her whiskers so she can lick them.

Phone cam quality. Little girls watching are amazed. This little girl must have been all of one and a half to two years old. She had two speeds - all out fast and stop.

Barefoot the whole weekend. This girl was kicked out of a pub in Middlesbrough for peeing herself. We left 2 hours later and saw this! I got this the other day: it's a size 12 denim playsuit! It's tremendous fun to wear - it's a lovely stretchy material with an elasticated back so it has a nice overall tight fit, with nothing on underneath apart from a pair of girls' panties. I love the chunky zips and buckled waist detail: the only thing I haven't worked out yet is how you pee wearing it?!

On my holiday to the seaside by coach, I was dressed with bells so they could all hear where I was, and waterproof pants so I would not cause a problem on the long coach journey without any chance of a pee, I didn't need them, I was sick on the coach instead.

Coach travel often had me either feeling unwell or physically sick, I think it was the soft and often stuffy coach that made me unwell, if I traveled by bus there was never a problem. My health problems had started as a baby when I caught the measles, it was just by luck that I survived, although in later years, poor long sight, part deafness and slightly weak bladder muscles did cause minor upsets.

My mothers lack of taking me to the doctor over my childhood problems did not solve any matters, but as I always appeared to be healthy, by not catching Mumps, German Measles, Chicken Pox and all the other childhood diseases, meant that in her mind there was never the need for me to see the doctor, as a baby I was never taken to any of the baby or toddler groups, it seemed I missed out on my free orange juice.

As I was never registered with any authorities, or attended any play groups or any areas where I might meet other children. When it came to sorting out the matter of school shortly before my 5th birthday, nothing happened, my mother had plans around this period for moving out of the area, nothing more was done about the matter of school.

For my first five years I had a totally adult influenced way of life.

Pissy girl peing

It was after my 6th birthday that I started school and met other children strange creatures. With my early school reports it mentions that I don't listen, if a teacher was out of sight, I often had little idea that they were talking, in later schools, if an adult came into the room, we were meant to stop work and stand up, if I was engrossed in work, I seldom noticed this and received some form of punishment over my apparent rudeness.

A nurse stood in a quiet hall and spoke at a distance behind me, first on one side then the other, I was able to hear both sets of sounds, however when she was standing to the left, I was simply picking up the sound with my good right ear. The other test was with a tuning fork, again when it was sounded on my poor ear I picked the sound up with my good ear. Had one ear at a time been tested, with the other ear blanked off, then a different result might have been noticed.

For my sight, from the back of a classroom, some teachers writing could be difficult to follow, I just guessed at most of it. If we were required to copy down what was on the blackboard s learning device using chalk in full, my version if checked later by the teacher showed minor differences.

My inability to catch a ball if it was thrown from a distance was also a failure. They decided I had double vision. Going for a pee when I needed one in my early years was fine, providing I was allowed to go when I asked.

When out with my grandmother when we were shopping for an hour or so in the morning, I might put in the request to use the local public toilets. The answer was always "No wait a little longer", meant it was only a few of minutes before there was an accident, or a bit of a nuisance in the minds of adults.

At the age of four I still often wore waterproof pants when out with my grandmother just in case. In the afternoons when my mother took me out, I was in her choice of clothing and as she was more relaxed in allowing me the use of a public toilet, I had few problems. Infant school gave no problems during lessons, teachers allowed us to visit the toilet in the middle of a lesson, possibly believing that it was the shyness of those that did not want to go during break when there were too many others about and now found the need.

The only problem I had for a short time was during the afternoon break when we had to lay and rest for a short period whilst we listened to the teacher read a story to us, the school had the idea that we should lay on our front, I was always use to sleeping on my side.

The slight pressure when I was on my front even if I had just visited the lavatory resulted in a very small wet patch on the front of my shorts, not noticed by the others but only by the teacher, I received some sympathy, not something I had ever experienced before. When it was mentioned to my mother, it resulted in me going back into waterproofs for school. I was a little embarrassed, but nothing more was ever noticed. Eventually I solved the problem by fidgeting during our rest period, and together with a girl we were thrown out of this story time rest break and spent the time in our small playground.

From the age of eight at primary school, my bladder did give problems, I had no visible accidents during lessons, as I timed my visits to the toilet at the start of every break and at the end of the lunch break. However delay my ability to visit the toilet at the start of these breaks, or during a fit of the giggles, and it did give problems. Delay me by deciding that this was the ideal time to inflict some form of punishment, when the teachers saw me standing in a puddle it seemed to them that I was in fear, which was partly true, but in the main, it was just that I simply could not wait any longer.

Those of us from the children's homes were often refused permission to leave the room in the middle of a lesson by some of the teachers, a few from the Home had used this time as a method of searching other children's coats for money and sweets.

We just had to sit at our desks and hope we could last the rest of the lesson. Kids from the Children's Home in wet trousers were not a rare sight, a punishment from most of the Sisters' once they knew we were not allowed out during lessons, would be that you had to wear waterproof pants to school for a week or so, but no other punishments. At the age of eight the Sister in the Children's Home decided that for chapel where I would not get access to the toilet, providing me with a pair of waterproof pants to wear under my trousers might solve the matter before it started.

I was more afraid of having an accident an allowing others to see it, that others around me had accidents and after a little bit of teasing could laugh the matter off was not something I could understand, it was the thought of what Sister or my mother would have said. In the Home there was generally no punishment if you had an accident and wore waterproofs, with my mother it would have been the lack of treats for that day. Other boys of my age at school might have made a fuss, for some the thought of been made to wear rubber pants would have been worse than be seen in wet shorts, I found it easier to go along with the adult requests.

The other alternative was to wear shorts with a plastic lining that would end in a puddle on the floor. Little thought was given to why I might have daytime problems, and nothing was put on my medical notes as to the need to find a reason for the odd day time accident. Web Page:See www. I was taking my brother's family pictures when his oldest son said he had to pee. So he went to the bush line and peed. This is a picture of my niece his little sister copying her big brother.

I just thought it was cute. Dana lost her phone at a bar where we were buying cheap six packs because they stop selling alcohol early in Philly and the woman who found the phone called Jessica to say she had it. Jessica thought it was Dana "talking like a retard" and hung up on her.

She figured it out later and the woman said she was on a bus to north Philly and that we could pick up the phone the next day.

Aug 24, Nicole Kidman pees. Mar 22, I took my case to dream books. I wanted to find out what dreaming about peeing meant. Answers were provided (it turns out that dreaming that you are peeing is a sign that relief from a difficult situation may happen soon), yet no book had the answer to why I dreamt I was peeing, and then . Nov 21, Girls peeing outside. 12 Snapchats That Will Absolutely Make You Laugh Until You Pee a Little.

Dana called Amber the phone finder at in the morning and she said, "Girl, I been partying all night, I'm just going to bed right now. I'm really high. We finally got directions and went to pick it up. When we drove up she was waiting at the door in her robe, hollering, "Dana! Right here! Amber and I instantly recognized each other through the windows and we were waving at each other because coincidentally we had talked in the bathroom of the bar about how fucked up we were. I also caught her standing up while peeing which was interesting.

Dana got her phone. We gave her a beer as a reward to which she shouted upstairs, "BABY! This is Amber. Explore Trending Events More More. Tags girl peeing.

The 9 Best Pee Scenes in Movies Ben Freiburger 10/04/ [caption id In William Friedkin's terrifying depiction of what is either the demonic possession of a year-old girl, or a worse-than. Apr 24, Girl pees herself on Live TV while news reporter asks questions! Report. About Us What's New Help Center Jobs API Become a Partner. Nov 27, Girls peeing in their pants Uploaded 11/27/ I don't have any idea what brought this on, but these two decided to have a pissing contest IN their pants.

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I had the coolest dream last night Zinneke Pis by espinozr. There will be a twist at the end!!! The only thing is the lighting in your face, that kind of ruins the photo a bit, but I love love love everything else!

Top Photo goes to Giselle 3. Anna 4. Robin 5. Frankie 6. Madalynn 7. Krystal 8. Leslie 9. Sahara Sophie Tori Gia Couture-Hanami Jada So the twist is Allison is coming back! Make a photo of your own story ex: Dakota loved her boyfriend but he cheated, etc Have fun guys!

Photos are due Saturday May 5th! Giselle: Somebody that I used to know: 7. Isabelle: Tik Tok: Cant leave here anyway Now that's incredible, if you ask me Destination - Tourist by Lisa. Hey Dawn? Do you know where this place is? Dawn: Oh yes! It's just past Monterey. We should be there in about an hour. Rich: You girls are always picking on me! Dawn: I promise I will be nice to you for and entire 30 minutes! Rich: Trailers I can't believe Rich: Are you listening to me?

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Dawn: huh? Sorry we stopped listening 10 minutes ago. Blue: hehhehehehe Rich: Hey! I thought you guys were going to be nice for 30 minutes? Dawn: We were, you just talk so much the time just flies! Blue: hehehehheehe 2 hours and gold fish later Rich: Dude, where is this place I thought it was by Monterey?

Dawn: It's just around the corner trust me! We are almost there! It sure is nice shooting with people with the same common goal: To have fun first and if you get a picture out of too, well, that's a bonus but it does not always happen! Here they are Inquiring minds want to know. My BIG Day. Yorktown: "Omigawd! Lookit the Peacock! While the girls were here this weekend, we sat down to craft and each made a flower like this. It happens maybe a few times a year now.

Just a week ago I had the dream and started to pee but I realized I was dreaming, jumped up and ran to the bathroom. I was having an adventurous with romance and the things I lack in life. And then I dreamt I was talking to my love interest and a huge damn broke between my legs. I woke up urinating.

It was so much and it would not stop. When I went to the bathroom, I urinated for about 30 seconds more and my lower right will not stop hurting.

I don't think I fully relieve myself, I just do it until I notice. I'm just curious what causes it. Sometimes they can help you stop sometimes not, but if you wet frequently I would seek professional advice because it could be due to other underlying health issues such as diabetes or other things that could worsen if left untreated. I myself am night time incontinent and have been for about 5 years, and starting to lose control of my bladder during the day too.

If you are unable to stop wetting I would advise you to use the diapers for bed, I know it can be embarrassing, but trust me you get used to it, they are just another form of under garments at the end of the day, it's just the stigma that they are for babies.

I actually enjoy wearing now they are comfy, and don't wake up wet and smelly, and sheets and mattress don't get ruined. Once again I was Dreaming I was at work and getting ready to go to the bathroom but there was someone in the stall I checked the next one and someone was in that one too I had to go really bad there was no buddy in the next one I remember starting to go it was the best thing ever I peed and peed and that was it.

I was dreaming dat i was in a toilet a releasing urine but suddenly i realised something wet inside and i woked up fast but it was too late. It may create problem in my marriage life too. I am so scared. OMG well this has happened to me more then 4 times I can say, I am gkad to know im not alone and that there is an answer. I have tracked my pee pattern HaHaHa. So on a funny not my last dream was a whole I'm 16 and it happened a little tiny bit last night, I thought nothing of it.

Just a drip. But I just woke up, from peeing in my dream, because I felt my bed soaked. I felt myself peeing instantly. What is this? Someone help. Email me fachingo gmail.

It happened to me just this morning. First time in sience i was a baby. I am 30 now.

Why Do Potty Trained Children Wet Pants?

I just had this vivid dream about going to the toilet and pee. I am so embarrassed because of this. I started to do some research about this and i foud out that there is a condition called nocturnal enuresis and there is a cure for it. Those that wet the bed every night or so may suffer from this. On the other hand, if this happened only once, it could be from stress or anxiety, but it may be a sign of kidney or blatter infection as well. Anyway, if this happens a second time, i would recommend going to a doctor and check it out to avoid any later problems that could occur.

I will certainly go and do some checks. I hope i can go over my embarrassment. It is so hard to explain to others what just happened. I am scared. Yeah I've never not been in nappies for bed and is just a part of life for me now, just turned 20 and could probably count all dry nights I have had on one hand.

So was in pampers like any other baby till I was a toddler then it was pull ups training pants, then dry nights small size, then the big size, now I'm adult nappies. I have heard of bed wetters that have suddenly stopped in their thirties and older, so here's hoping but not gonna hold my breath.

It is a very imberising problem to deal with I fianally started to buy diapers to deal with the wet and yellow sheets everyday i wish it would go away but it never probably will I'm glad I found this page at least I am not the only person who has these dreams once you get used to the diapers it really helps a lot it's just like wearing underwear and really nice to wake up with dry sheets mabey one day the Dream will stop but until then thank god for diapers and vasoline I'm 40 year old male married with 2 dry boys my wife knows but I really don't like to talk about it with her she knows how embarrassing it is for me and doesn't tease me after reading these posts maybe I will feel more comfortable talking to her about my problem sucks buying diapers in the store maybe she will do it for me o well I'm sure happy to have found this great page.

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I have to had the same problem I have peed in the bed when I thought I was in the bathroom I peed I the dresser droor but mostly in the bed as long as i can remember. And wish I could say it was as much of a rarity that I have accidents, but unfortunately it is not the case. I'm 34 and was never really a bedwetter in my youth I was dry at night by around four, bar a few occasional incidents. But at around my early to mid twenties I started having accidents and waking up to wet sheets every few weeks or so, usually accompanied by a pee dream, It got more and more often.

There are probably the majority like you say that will only have a few actual accidents, but I know there is still a surprisingly high number of people that will pee their beds often. And I'd just like to say to the people in my situation don't be ashamed to use diapers to deal with it.

I got fed up of waking up cold and wet every morning and having to wash the sheets so started using diapers and have never looked back.

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They are really convenient, comfy and at the end of the day are just another form of undergarments. And trust me it's less embarrassing being in a diapers than having smelly yellow stained sheets and bed.

So I've had the dream where you REALLY have to go to the bathroom and you pee in your dream, though I have been lucky to almost always be able to actually wake up before wetting the bed.

This happens all the time to me. I know I shouldn't, but I usually drink a bunch of liquids before bed just because I'm thirsty, and therefore I have to wake up to urinate at some point during the night.

Like when holding it in gets painful. To others who are young, have the same problem and are worried about it happening again I've only wet the bed once or twice in a couple decades, it's very rare that I and mostly likely you won't wake up in time. I guess if I could offer any suggestions it would be to make sure to not drink a lot before bed, and try to completely empty your bladder before going to sleep.

Seems obvious but I swear I used to not have to deal with this at all. I ended up here just trying to Google if it's normal for someone my age 32 to have to wake up and pee every night Yep it happened again : only four days into the year and I've peed my bed twice Is this going to be the year of the wet bed?

This has never ever ever happened before and now I'm. Omg Joe me too! And trust me, it happened everyday. This is so embarrassing. I Just dreamt i was pooping - or farting, i'm not sure anymore.

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Fortunately i did not shit my pyjama but i farted for sure Woke up into the new year in a wet bed, had me one of those pee dreams and was duped, hadn't even had a drink and woke up lying in my own piss at the age of I just had this happen to me, I was a bit worried since I had just had an anxiety attack so in order of calm myself and my mind I listened to some guided body scan meditations.

I guess they really helped me relax to the point that i peed myself. It JUST happened to me for the first time which brought me here!!! I actually caught it in time as to where I didn't make too much of a mess and was able to run to the toilet. I share your pain alkaline, it's bad enough when you're in your teens or adulthood and pissing the bed but when it's someone else's bed you saturate with piss and have to explain to your host you've left a big yellow pissy stain on their bed sheets and mattress is the worst.

Not a chronic bedwetter though it's just an unfortunate thing that happens but the times I do or have wet are mostly in other peoples beds, I'd say between ninety and niteyfive percent of my accidents have happened away from home. Amen to that me I got fed up of having pee dreams and waking up to smelly wet pee pee sheets, it was becoming a recurring issue that finally became to happen on a nightly basis.

I just peed the bed today as well but I stopped midway and woke up, went to the bathroom, and proceeded lmao. This is the first time this ever happened to me. Pretty much happened to me too.

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Went to bed after a nice neal, woke up a few times but didn't have to pee. Then I was wrapped in a dream and needed to use the bathroom in the dream.

I let it rip and woke up to a merry wake of pies today. I never wet the bee either but piss dreams are the worst lmao. Merry pissmas. Oh and I believe you mean merry piss mass because of if you were anything like me you peed a mass of piss on your sheets it weren't too merry though. So I woke up and realized the bed was wet. I thought my 3 yr old daughter sleeping beside me wet herself. But lo and behold, my briefs were soaking wet and her jammies were dry AF.

Hahahaha Merry Christmas guys! I am 60 and have never wet the bed before. Last night i dreamed of peeing around the bushes and then the sensation changed and i realized I was peeing in bed which luckily woke me up.

Hopefully dreaming of peeing will wake me up before the actual deed I'm 17, and I have never been a bed wetter. I was fairly good as a child. But today Or rather last night I had a dream; I was coming back home from school, about to get changed to go out somewhere with a friend, and decided to use the toilet.

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I Instantly woke up to to the feeling of releasing. The shame took over instantly too, and I quickly took off anything that was stained with piss and changed my sheets. I'm Walter I'm 25 years old when I was around the age of 22 or 33 Years old I was paying my auntie a visit.

Well I was going to see a gig in her home town which was around 50 miles away from where I lived and she offered to put me up for the night so I didn't have to drive back or pay for a hotel room. I began to get tired so I said sorry I'll need to go to bed, and off I went, I remember having a vivid dream about being back at school and going to the toilets only to find they're out of order, so I rush to the next toilets and same story this proceeds to happen a few more times, I got fed up with it ran out the building found a corner and started peeing and peeing and some more peeing a little more peeing followed by more peeing.

My curiosity begins to set in and I start to feel warm and wet, I wake and I'm thinking I'm not at school anymore, then I properly wake up and realised I'd peed lake Michigan in my aunties guest bed, not even joking and it was white sheets so you could really see the spread of wee, it was a huge stain and seeped into the mattress.

This was the first time I'd wet the bed since was like three or four possibly 5 but I wasn't a frequent wetter as a kid. So I lay in my wet mess ashamed and confused, I take the sheets off the bed to take down to the wash, I was hoping to deal with things without my aunt knowing, but I had little hope it would work. So I go down the stair with the sheets and my auntie was up and in the living room, needed to pass the living room to get to the kitchen, secret over I explained what happened and apologised Perviously, I almost cried from embarrassment, but she was super nice and understanding about the whole thing.

I was seeing a comedy show just a few weeks ago down her way, and once again she invited me to go back and stay there afterwards. To which I said yes, I got there in was great to see her as had only seen her once since my last visit, but it was the first time I'd been back at hers again. So we chatted and what not a discussed what was new in life's and what not, was embarrassed by the last visits happenings but soon left my mind once we got talking. So came bedtime and my auntie says you know what room you're in yeah?

It's same room as last time. I went up to the room, and put my pyjamas on and what not I sat down on the bed and noticed a weird feeling, there was a plastic sheet on the bed, and then I noticed an unopened pack of adult pull ups on the chest of drawrs next to the bed, my auntie never said anything to me prior to going to the room, I had a sudden bout of embarrassment, but I figured my auntie was just being nice and having a subtle approach to it.

But at the same time I was like thinking to my self I hope she doesn't think I'm a full time bed wetter as last time was the first time since I was an infant as I'd stated before, and also hadn't had an accident since the last visit.

It was for this reason I didn't put on a nappy, but I just left the sheet on even though the feel of it and the sound when I moved about made me cringe with embarrassment. Finally I stop letting it bother me and I nodded off, and would you believe it I had another pee dream and woke up soaking, I mean what are the chances of this happening again on this one specific night.

My only saving grace was the fact the plastic sheet was on to protect the mattress, but the outer sheet was drenched with wee wee. I went down stairs head hanging in shame with the wet sheets in hand and had to explain once again that I'd peed her sheets. She was really nice and understanding about it once again, after I'd calmed down a bit she asked me if I never seen the nappies she'd left out for me.

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I said no I seen them but explained to her I'd only had these two accidents since I was a kid, she stopped me and said don't worry about it I only left them out for your good and convince. But again I tried to explain that I don't wet my bed often and I'd just it was just a coincidence that I'd wet the bed there on last to visits.

Had two big glasses of water before going to bed, and I've had about as much wine and sugar as I've had in the past month for dinner, so that might have something to do with it.

It was a tiny stain, not even all the way down to the mattress. Last time it happened was three years ago. Before that it must've been close to a decade, so it's not really frequent enough to warrant any lifestyle changes. More of a nuisance really. I always wake up after the first little squirt, so I don't full on soak the bed.

Still, I'm sitting here in my dad's guestroom, supposedly sleeping, but actually waiting for him to go out for breakfast so I can slip out and put the sheets in the machine without answering. This thread has been super entertaining. Some of these stories are hilarious! I just woke up from a long lye, my first long lye in years, usually I'm up at crack of dawn for work even on my days off I usually have something to get up early for or my natural body clock gets me up due to routine and I can't get back to sleep.

So just had a great long lye well passed my normal wake up time, unfortunately it has been overshadowed by the fact I woke up soaking wet and cold and smelly. Drempt I was surfing, a hobby of mine so didn't seem all that weird, was riding some mean waves, I remember thinking I need to pee, so seen I was in the sea I went pee in my wetsuit, at that point I was elevated by a monster of a wave and then lost control and came tumbling down as the wave crashed down over me. At that point I woke up in bed realising I'd wet the bed, well and truly wet the bed all over my boyfriend Josh may I add.

So decided to surf the web for answers, I'll try not to pee myself on this surf adventure lol :. Welcome to my world I'm 33 and lucky if I've had over ten dry nights in my entire existence. Finally got fed up waking up in cold wet pyjamas and having yellow stained sheets so decided to resort back to nappies, get some great thick comfy and absorbent nappies online. Was embarrassing wearing nappies again at first, but it's better than waking up in a cold puddle of your own pee.

Plus you get used to it, my husband actually finds it kind of cute in quirky sort of way, I've even taken to using adult nappies with cute babyish design's on them but they are the best I've ever come across, besides gotta see the funny side of it. Recommend nappies to anyone helped me a lot, only if you're a frequent wetter though, some of you seem to be lucky enough to only wet a couple times a year.

Way to a job interview, the train ride was a couple hour journey, so I decided to have a snooze. It was on the train about half an hour ago she'd been one of the ones in close proximity to see me piss my pants, needles to say I never got the job. I got up one morning and went about my usual morning routine, business as usual I thought, let the dog out the cat in.

Got the eldest ready for school, changed the youner one's nappy fed him his milk put him back in his crib for a sleep. Then fetched the morning paper and went for my morning ritual poo before getting ready for work.

But before long I was woken up by my wife wondering what the noises and funny smell coming from me was. Now I'm 29 and about two years ago one night I was at my gf parents house, and was our first time I'd met them since we had started going out, because they lived far from us. We were staying for a week, and on the second or third night I had a dream that I was on my way home from somewhere and desperate to pee, and was daylight so I couldn't go outside.

I remember rushing and making it to my door and rushing upstairs to the toilet and relieving myself and what seemed to be the best and longest wee wee ever. Then waking up to the shocking realisation I'd peed all over my self and girlfriend and her parents fancy cream bedding. Was so embarrassed, especially seen as our three year old son in the next room who is already dry at night. Woke up in dry bed and undies. This began to happen often, and most of the time I'd have a wee wee dream to corelate my wetting, although not always.

It's embarrassing but helps control the issue, we were at the supermarket the other day and our son of now five turns and shouts to mummy when we were picking up my diapers " mummy why does daddy wear diapers to bed". Could've died on the spot. See of remaining comments. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. MellasViews more. You're Not Alone Many people have experienced waking up from a dream of going to the bathroom to find that they've either gone, are going, or really have to go.

Ahhh, sweet relief I know, I'm disgusting, I'm vile I pissed the bed. What to Do Now If this has happened to you, you should know that you are not alone. What Happens If It Doesn't Stop Bedwetting, also called nocturnal enuresis, is only a problem if it's a regular occurrence. Causes of Bedwetting in Adults There are two types of bedwetting: Persistant primary nocturnal enuresis is a condition that begins in childhood and is when someone hasn't experienced nighttime dryness for longer than 6 months.

There is evidence to show that this kind of bedwetting is hereditary. Adult-onset secondary enuresis is for people who have experienced dryness but then experience a recurrence later in life. Margaret Stearnif you've just started bedwetting after a long period of being dry, some of the underlying causes could be: A urinary tract infection, which can make it difficult for the bladder to hold urine Alcohol, coffee or diuretic medicines, which all cause production of more urine and can irritate the bladder Sleeping tablets - Sometimes these cause sleep so deep the body doesn't wake up when it recognizes that it needs to go Diabetes - Lots of urine can be a symptom of diabetes.

If the diabetes is treated, this problem goes away Stress and anxiety Some medications An underlying medical condition, like a prostate problem in men or pelvic organ prolapse in women Urinary tract stones A neurological disorder An anatomical abnormality Prostate cancer Prostate enlargement Bladder cancer Obstructive sleep apnea A spinal cord injury What Can You Do to Diminish or Stop Adult Bedwetting First of all, do not blame yourself for wetting the bed-it is completely involuntary and cannot be controlled.

There are some tactics that may help you solve the problem without seeking medical help: Try changing your diet. Cut down on alcohol and coffee as well as acidic foods and the other foods seen in this list of common bladder irritants from the National Association for Incontinence.

Don't take diuretic medicines at night. Limit the fluids you drink in the late afternoon and in the evening, but do not dehydrate yourself. This can actually irritate your bladder more, causing the opposite effect that you want.

Try to reduce your stress levels. Change your living or work situation, take a vacation, or learn stress-management techniques. Try using an alarm clock to wake you up a couple hours after you go to bed and a couple hours before you wake up.

Vary the time every few days so your bladder doesn't get into a specific pattern. You could try sleeping in a different bed or moving your bed. Exercise - Find a program that will help build muscle, endurance, and flexibility. Some combination of weight training including training with your bodyweightcardiovascular training like runningand stretching regimen might help you improve control.

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Strengthen your pelvic floor by doing Kegelswhich are exercises that can help you improve bladder and bowel function. Lose weight.


Being overweight increases your risk of incontinence, especially for women. Trying a diet that is low in refined carbohydrates, sugar, and eliminates caloric drinks is a good place to start.

Go to the bathroom before you go to bed at night. Wait 5 minutes and do it again. Pee as soon as you get up. Though not clinically proven to be effective, it's possible you could teach yourself to recognize that you're dreaming through lucid dreaming techniques. When You See the Doctor Your doctor will check for a number of things.

Like one person says : "I refuse to let it bother me. Resources Used " Bedwetting. National Association for Incontinence. Retrieved Feb. Stearn, Dr. Mapes, Diane. Castle, Eric P. Mayo Clinic. Has anyone else ever dreamt of going to the bathroom, and then actually wet the bed?

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