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For ps sexiest games thought differently, thanks

Top 5 Games that HATE CLOTHES

RPG games with naughty elements are on the rise in Japan. Player can obtain unidentified items for killing monsters. Not everyone is courageous enough to use these 2 items in front of others. There are a variety of characters to choose from and there are over 50 characters. The objective of the game is to punish the girls who are guilty of crimes and to train them for the battle. The game is compatible with the touchscreen of the PlayStation Vita and adds enhanced support to its functionality.

May 06,   Thest are the best adult games on PS4 that feature sexual content, sexy characters, mature themes and more. They can be hard to find on PlayStation 4. Apr 16,   So we've decided to create a list of the 10 sexiest video games ever featuring some of the more recent titles and only the old ones that matter. It's been pretty difficult, actually, to create this list because there are some games featuring incredibly sexy characters but they don't really tickle the pickle. Erotic gamesPS4 Video Games Video Games Encyclopedia by PlayStation 4 is the 8th generation console from Sony. It was released on November 15th, in North America and two weeks later, on November 29th, in Europe.

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Play Dirty Games on Your PS3. You may also like. Lifehacker. How to Customize Your Background in Microsoft Teams Video Calls. David Murphy. Monday PM. Music. Want sexy fanservice? These ten PlayStation 4 games are for you. MattS | d ago the default platform for the Japanese developers that specialise in building those kinds of sexy fanservice-heavy games that are absolutely slaughtered in the press and mainstream, but tend to have a very vocal niche that come out in support of them. Apr 12,   Sex. Games. Sex in games! Looking for a bit of lovemaking with your video games? Step inside for the best sex games and the worst sex games.

When a fight is over the loser is usually left with very little clothes on. Keep in mind though some game modes like the skinship, are removed in the PS4 version and restricted to the PC version.

While not considered to be a conventional adult game, The Witcher 3 certainly contains lots of sexual and mature scenarios, and has the added benefit of being one of the greatest games of this generation, and arguably all-time.


Geralt gets around, and he has the option to bed the finest looking woman in all of the Northern Realms. The Gal Gun franchise consists of a series of rail-shooting games where the main character has to fend off woman that have fallen madly in love you and cannot control themselves and are constantly throwing themselves at you.

Still, expect to get a face full of sexy anime women throughout the course of your time with Gal Gun 2. Dead or Alive 6 is a fighting game first and foremost.

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There are a large amount of outfits to customize the female fighters that are sexy but also include more beautiful options as well. Body physics are also exaggerated to highlight the features of each of the fighters. As an added bonus, unlike some of the games on this list, Dead or Alive 6 is a solid fighting game that can stand toe to toe to other recent entries in the genre.

Ps sexiest games

Nariko is super hot. NG is the only games that deserves to be on that list. That upskirt shot smacks of desperation.

Yum :. She is hot, but if you try and google her you just get nasty crap I have to say that I have enjoyed much better looking games on my PS3.

Hot Wheels Turbo Racing - Gameplay PSX / PS1 / PS One / HD 720P (Epsxe)

Worst list possible. Are they trying to give fanboys something to rant about?

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This site, always seems to be sly about the way they put down the PS They just had an article talking about delays on the PS3. So this is your doing nofilter?

Want sexy fanservice? These ten PlayStation 4 games are for you

Why dont you let everyone know your real intentions. You masquerade as a Sony fan site, yet you always put the PS3 down.

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I do like your sites layout though, keep up the good work as far as that goes, and good luck with your site. I just personally dont feel you are genuine.

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Are you kidding me? It was painful just to watch that game with its PS2 graphics, and horrible gameplay, bosses, etc. Perfect example, was that snake lady thingy boss. You cant be serious if you thought that was a good boss fight.

The worst sex scenes in games

When you hit the thing, it would let out the scariest, most horrible sounding "Ohhhh" Scary because it made it sound like your speakers were messed up. Fair enough, you're entitled to your opinion.

Oct 28,   That is why we compiled our list of TOP 10 sexiest PlayStation game characters. In making this list we tried to cover every fetish taste, if it happens that you are unable to find your special. 6 Sexy PlayStation Vita RPG Games Worth Trying. Video Games. RPG games with naughty elements are on the rise in Japan. Following are the 6 RPG games for PS Vita which are worth importing (from Play-Asia) to play. Omega Labyrinth. Omega Labyrinth is an upcoming roguelike by D3 Publisher. Player has one mission which is to make the protagonist. The PS3's Sexiest Games. Alive have told us, there's nothing wrong with a bit of eye-candy too, so here's what TheSixthAxis think are the top 5 sexiest games for the PS3. In a cheap, tacky kind of way. Everybody's Golf 5 Heavenly Sword Ninja Gaiden Sigma PAIN PS3 Sega Superstars Tennis

You'd be surprised at how big a Sony fan I actually am though. It's just that we at the site want the PS3 to be as good as it possibly can be, and won't just roll over and accept what we're given. The machine can always be better And the site's doing just fine, thanks. We've been going since last July and have always been pro-Sony.

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It's just the British sense of humour that you might not get. It could be the humor I never got the Monty Python Anyways, I was very harsh with my comments.

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Because of that, I owe you. I will add you to my sites blogroll Maybe we can be beneficial to each other. I am usually very nice and level headed. You can attribute that to having a crazy ass pregnant wife I am always on edge lately.

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